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Practical Ideas And Tips To Maintain Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Salon visits are undoubtedly very important and should be embraced every now and then. However, if you have a very busy schedule, you will personally need to play an active role in taking care of your hair. Simple but practical tips can make a great difference not only leaving it healthy, but also saving a lot of time for you.

  • To keep damages at bay, avoid brushing the hair when wet. The wetness tends to make it more fragile compared to dryness and therefore it is prone to breaking. It is advisable to brush before you take a shower after you have dried it completely.
  • Avoid using heavy-based conditioners if you have thin, fine hair. Such conditioners will put too much weight on it making it look thinner. For this kind, stick with light products which improve on the thickness and general health.
  • Even though thick conditioners are designed for thick hair, they can end up giving it a greasy appearance and leave it looking weighed down. To avoid this, try and use spray-on and mousse conditioners.
  • The more natural it is, the better it will be for you in terms of health and beauty. For this reason, try and avoid using heat appliances too often. Dryers and irons overuse tend to make it dry and frizzy.
  • Go for products which contain sunscreen to keep it protected against sun damage. Fading and dryness are some of the effects of too much of sun exposure. With the right products, you won’t have to worry about how long you stay out in the sun. Such products will also boost the beauty and health of the hair.
  • When drying it, avoid rubbing or tugging since it increases strand stretching and breaking and results in frizzy drying. It is most advisable to pat it dry and gently squeeze the water out. You can also wrap it up in a towel to dry before brushing it. If you must brush it when it is still wet, opt for a wide tooth comb.
  • If you love the wavy look, you can easily create the waves at home by adding table salt or kosher salt to your bath water. Add at least 10 drops of lavender oil and spray the mix to the hair and bomb it out as desired for that textured wavy look you love.
  • Eat nutritious foods to ensure that it always remains as healthy as possible and also continues to grow. It should be treated just like you would treat your skin with the proper diet and enjoy the difference.

When buying your products, stick with those that contain natural ingredients. You should also ensure that the shampoo or conditioner that you buy is the right one for your hair type.