A Luxurious and Relaxing Break in Paris

If you are interested in combining a bit relaxation with French culture, then travelling to Paris to experience a luxury spa break is the perfect way to exploit what this popular city has to offer. Indeed, you can spoil yourself in some of the world’s most opulent beauty parlours and you won’t even have to miss out on any of the famous sights.

When you’ve just landed in Paris, the I-Spa by Algotherm at the InterContinental Le Grand Hotel may well be your first stop. The hotel itself is one of the city’s historic landmarks, the spa specifically being known as one of Paris’ best. If this is on the agenda, and particularly after a long journey to arrive in the city in the first place, then this will be the perfect excuse for paying a visit to the I-Spa by Algotherm. Indeed, if there is special treatment on offer to help you adjust to the time zone and beat jet lag, including a body massage and special facial treatment, how can you refuse?

The Guerlain Spa is another one of Paris’ great beauty parlours, originally opening in 1939 to give the aspiring students at the Guerlain Beauty Institute an opportunity to practice their new skills. Today, it combines cutting-edge beauty technology, gorgeous interiors and an amazing location to give you a sublime Paris spa experience.

Furthermore, the Le Meurice five-star hotel is just around the corner from the popular Lourve, which has a specially designed eye treatment that will help reenergise your eyes. Such treatment will of course be to your benefit; preparing you to face another day gazing at the masterpieces that is offered by the Lourve’s phenomenal collection of art and sculptures

A spot of pampering should set you up nicely for some further sightseeing, which is a must in Paris and no doubt you will find yourself walking down the street of diamonds and emeralds – the Champs-Elysees. Lined with the biggest and best designer stores, it is a mecca for any shopper. And with all that hustle and bustle on Paris’ busiest street, it is perhaps not surprising Paris has a plethora of spa’s available to help calm your senses.

The Paris Ritz Hotel is certainly a sight to see in Paris for its own merits; a hotel popular for many famous celebrities on occasions staying here, as they fully enjoy the quality and luxury that the hotel has world famously been known to offer. As you can imagine, the Ritz Health Club is an institution of its own, with only the best quality beauty and health treatments on offer. This spa is worth visiting purely for the thought that you are stepping in so many famous footsteps.

So what excuse do you have for not visiting Paris on a spa break? You can easily see the famous sights and pamper yourself in luxury at any of these great spa hotels in Paris.